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Portfolio Management

Service Description

We avoid recommending investing in mutual funds as most underperform the overall market and comparable lower cost Exchange Traded Funds “ETFs”. We primarily select direct equities/stocks and exchange traded funds. Fees: Our fees are billed and payable in arrears, at the end of each calendar quarter clients will receive an invoice for management fees prorated from the appropriate annual rate, calculated as a percentage of total assets under management. Our clients can either elect to authorize quarterly fees be paid by automatic direct deduction from their account or they can pay for fees due upon receipt of an invoice. With either payment method selected, we will always send a quarterly statement that will indicate how our fees were calculated. We will NOT request payment of fees in advance. In accordance with CCS Section 260,238(j), it should be noted that similar advisors services may (or may not) be available from other registered (or unregistered) investment advisors or other sources for similar or lower fees. ADVISORY FEE SCHEDULE (annual rate, based on market value of assets under management): Assets Under Management Annualized Fee First $2 million (ie., amount up to $2 million) 1.25% Next $3 million (ie., amount over $2 million up to $5 million) 1.00% Next $5 million (ie., amount over $5 million up to $10 million) 0.75% Next $10 million (ie., amount over $10 million up to $20 million) 0.60% Amount above $20 million 0.50% Note: The fee percentages are applied according to each asset level increment. For example, an account of $10,000,000 would pay an annualized fee of 1.25% on the first $2 million, plus 1% on the next $3 million, plus 0.75% on the remaining $5 million, for an annual total of $92,500.


A minimum annual fee of $5,000 will be imposed on each account. The minimum fee may be waived or reduced at our discretion. We also reserve the right to adjust the fees for accounts depending on the size and type of account and the services to be rendered. In some cases, negotiation of fees may result in different fees being charged for similar services and may be less than the stated fee schedule. The Fees for our services as described above are completely separate and unrelated from “other costs” that a client may incur through: brokerage/transaction commissions, custodian account fees, fees related to foreign ADR stocks, taxes related to foreign stocks, ETF expenses and or mutual fund sales charges or expenses in connection with our advisory services. We do not charge, collect nor benefit from these “other costs”. We encourage our clients to obtain a complete schedule of fees from their custodian/brokerage firm. Alpha Solutions Investment Advisors is not affiliated with any specific custodian, broker/dealer or agent.

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  • 90 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, USA


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