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NJBOS Form 8


Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 13:47A-2.14


The New Jersey Bureau of Securities (“Bureau”), an arm of the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General, is charged with protecting investors from investment fraud, and regulating the securities industry in New Jersey. In addition to bringing investigative and enforcement actions against firms or individuals who violate the New Jersey Uniform Securities Law and regulations thereunder, the Bureau registers securities offered or sold in New Jersey and oversees the firms and individuals selling securities or providing investment advice to or from New Jersey. Investors can contact the Bureau to research the professional background of current and former registered broker-dealers, investment advisers, agents, and investment adviser representatives. To research a financial professional, contact the Bureau via phone at 1-866- I-Invest (within New Jersey) or at 973-504-3600 (both within and outside New Jersey) or via email at Investors can also file complaints with the Bureau against individuals and firms selling securities or offering investment advice, as well as companies issuing securities investments directly. To file a complaint or learn more about the Bureau, visit the Bureau’s website at



New Jersey Bureau of Securities

Safeguarding Against Financial Exploitation

(SAFE) – a Law Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation

On January 13, 2020, the SAFE Act was enacted.  The SAFE Act provides, in part, that qualified individuals, defined as broker-dealers and investment advisers, who believe that financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult may have occurred or been attempted, or is being attempted, shall promptly notify the bureau and adult protective services.  Further, the broker-dealer or investment adviser may delay transactions and disbursements from accounts related to the vulnerable adult when they believe that financial exploitation may be occurring or will occur, and has been properly reported.  The SAFE Act becomes effective on April 12, 2020.  More information will be provided on this website on how to comply with the SAFE Act in the near future.”

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